About Antithesis

Antithesis is a continuous reliability platform that autonomously searches for problems in your software within a simulated environment. Every problem we find can be perfectly reproduced, allowing for efficient debugging of even the most complex problems.

Find out more at antithesis.com.

About the Engineering position

We work across a huge range of domains, developing lots of our own tools along the way -- and all with a small team. That means we hire generalists who know an area or two well but love to learn new things and fearlessly hack on whatever is needed. What we do care about: you're smart, get things done, a joy to work with, and are comfortable dealing with open-ended/poorly-defined problems.

Some of the tech and languages we use:

  • Nix. Lots of Nix. Nix for builds, Nix for infrastructure.
  • C/C++ and Rust for kernel and systems programming.
  • Typescript (and JS) on the front end & Node.js engine on the back, too.
  • All the other languages also: see our list of SDKs

The Team

Our team is comprised of people with a variety of backgrounds: standard engineering degrees, to philosophy, to no degree at all. But we have at least one common skill: everyone on the team, including managers, is held to the same high standard of engineering competency. In addition, we value in-person work for its value in building trust and sharing knowledge and mentoring each other.

If that sounds like you, include with your resume a brief (one to two paragraph) explanation of an interesting technical challenge you've faced.