About Antithesis

We believe the future of software QA is autonomous testing.

Significant fractions of IT budgets are spent on software testing, but too many bugs are still discovered in the most expensive and frustrating way: when a customer reports them in the wild.

At our previous venture, distributed database company FoundationDB, we pioneered autonomous testing methods that could catch nearly all bugs before they hit production, improving our software quality and significantly decreasing the time we spent debugging.

At Antithesis, we want to bring the confidence and productivity benefits of autonomous testing to our customers. We have developed a platform that searches for bugs in customer's software, in a controlled environment where all bugs are reproducible. Our first offering finds fault tolerance bugs: failures of customer's software that occur under specific network, hardware or timing conditions.

About the Consultant position

We're building something unlike anything anybody's ever used before, so we need to figure out what it looks like when normal human beings try to use it. Our professional services team bridges the divide between our customers and our cutting-edge research platform. This team is about taking ideas from the lab and translating them into actually useful applications for our customers. But it doesn't stop there -- other responsibilities include identifying missing product features, surfacing new requirements, thinking up new application domains or product areas, and figuring out how best to educate people in the tech industry about this new paradigm.

That means that you need to be a bit of a unicorn -- good with people, and also good with technology. Able to work alone, but also great at sharing insights and collaborating with very different kinds of people. Able to run a project, but also able to improvise. Ready to learn the ins and outs of some crazy system our customers come to us with, and also familiar with our own crazy system and how it can be used to help them. This is a really challenging job that straddles multiple domains. Current members of this team have backgrounds ranging from product management to interaction design to software engineering to entrepreneurship, but what they all have in common is an ability to understand customer needs, and total comfort with new technology.

We're building the airplane while it flies, so you might need a sense of humor too.

Note: this role may involve some travel.